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  • Angela Allyn

WE ONCE WERE TIDE is lovely look at longing.

WE ONCE WERE TIDE, a short from 2011 now featured on Here TV and Dekkoo, is a lovely exploration of themes covered in great depth in the excellent GOD’S OWN COUNTRY, the now classic gay feature from 2017.

In WE ONCE WERE TIED, Anthony (the brooding Alexander Scott) is trapped with his ailing mother on a failing farm on the Isle of Wight. A visit from Kyle (Tristan Bernays) brings solace on a windswept day.

The relationship is captured in a few Polaroid photos – of joy, relief, and eternal connection.

The film is quiet and lyrical, and at 18 minutes, packs a lovely punch. Jason Bradbury directs a beautifully craft screenplay by Matthew Kyne Baskott.

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