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  • Angela Allyn

LUPIN is a mesmerizing thriller

The most watched non-English series on Netflix, LUPIN is a taut thriller that has exciting historical themes. The contemporary setting is the frame for Assane (Omar Sy), the son of an immigrant, and now an accomplished shape-shifting thief. Assane’s mission is to bring those who framed his father for a burglary 25 years ago, and the series brilliantly weaves back and forth in time, slowly revealing more about the crimes, and much more about the man.

Inspired by a book about gentleman thief Arsène Lupin that his father had given him on his birthday, each episode sees Assane tracking down a piece of the puzzle, and dealing justice to those who did his father wrong. Sy is masterful in this star-making role.

The supporting cast of characters – especially his ex-wife and son – are an interesting bunch, with the troupe of police investigators cast as oblivious duds. But the plotting by creators George Kay and François Uzan is top notch, and the production elements – music, settings, and displays of wizard-like thievery – will entertain.

The many fans of LUPIN are an avid and excitable bunch, drawn into each episode by the skill of story telling masters.

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