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  • Angela Allyn

ARE WE LOST FOREVER is, alas, lost.

ARE WE LOST FOREVER is a new drama from Sweden that is relatively horizontal – it seems like the same argument happens again and again. Adrian (Björn Elgerd) has cheated on his boyfriend Hampus (Jonathan Andersson), and after three years the relationship is on the rocks.

The men separate, sending Adrian down the search for other sex partners, until he stumbles upon Hampus again. Sex ensues, as does another breakup. Repeat until each of the men has a new partner. But those relationship totter when Adrian and Hampus do their familiar dance. Elgerd does what he can in the role of a man who cannot make up his mind.

Andersson is fine as the one most likely to choose. But it is deliberate that Adrian’s new beau Rasmus (Micki Stoltt) looks exactly like the young version, long haired version of Hampus?

The feature from writer-director David Färdmar looks good, but offers little new on relationships in this, or any, age. ARE WE LOST FOREVER is streaming on

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