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  • Angela Allyn

TYSON PLUS is sexy and intriguing streaming site

A streaming service I discovered by accident is TYSON PLUS, an intriguing spot for work mostly centered around BIPOC and with LGBTQ themes. Do not let yourself be confused by the layout. Unlike the bigger traditional sites with links to completed films, Tylon Plus is adding chapters to stories that are already on the site.

For example, a new film I really is SAINT, a 13-minute piece about a young man who arrives at a country place where his father – or spiritual father? – provides men for him. It is all very mysterious and sensual – beautiful men and beautiful scenery and music - and apparently just the first chapter of something longer. Josh Hudson is the leading man.

Do not be distressed by credits for previews which seem out of sequence. Other works in progress have intriguing titles like ‘The Scars Our Parents Leave’ and ‘Boys Hurt Too.’

‘Exhale’ at this point has 7 chapters, and we enjoy watching a beautiful man (Antonio Lamarco) going through his daily routine – dressing, showering, preparing for the day to start or end. Apparently, a video he was captured on is going viral – and we do not quite know if that is a good thing, or a bad thing. The mystery and the beauty of the lights and music – and the unabashed work by Lemarco – make it a fun mystery to spend some time with.

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