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  • Delven Shaw

THE TAILOR is brilliant Canadian short!

Watching short film collections is often like rifling through the drawers of a secondhand shop. There are many things which are interesting, and much of it is dross. Then on occasion, out of nowhere, a film so powerful starts that even at only 16 minutes you know it is a keeper.

THE TAILOR from Canada is one such film. Simple, classy, and not a wasted moment or frame, THE TAILOR introduces us to Alex (Megan Danso), and via the phone, her screaming mother, furious that she is not at a fitting for a bridesmaid dress. Drenched in grief, Alex stumbles in a tailor shop which is for sale and is manned by the long time owner (Hiro Kawaganga).

The events unfold like a origami flower, which left me emotionally enriched.

I saw THE TAILOR in a group of films put together by WildSound films, which has a new free screening every weekend. There are various themes – Docs, Women, Experiments, Comedy – and maybe because they have to prepare a fest for each weekend, the offerings are pretty slim, with the best screenplays at the start each week. The GLGT version that ran on 4/10/21 was no better that the others, except for THE TAILOR.

I will look forward to seeing what else writer/director Nathalie Therriault has to offer in the future besides her very memorable THE TAILOR.

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