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  • Angela Allyn

The Plagiarists Present I BUILD GIANTS

World Premiere! The Plagiarists present I Build Giants by Ryan Stevens. The entire world changes with the invention of giant mech suits called GOSSAMERS. The Engineer who built them must reckon with the ramifications of her invention as they grow and alter the lives of more and more people, from those who'd wish to exploit these new machines, to those who fear them. A science-fiction play about big robots, bigger dreams, and how we live in our bodies in the era of machines.

More on the production:

From director Christina Casano. “I was originally drawn to I Build Giants because of the exquisite use of language and its approach to a very familiar story presented in a new light - we’ve all seen and read stories about the intersection of humans and technology. I’ve been thinking about this play for almost two years now and I keep coming back to the same questions: just because you can do something, should you? And what is the price of progress? Historically, not everything done for the sake of “progress” has been the best for the Earth or for regular people just trying to live their lives.”


The Plagiarists steal from literature, visual art, history, and the culture at large to create new theatre that finds the familiar in the strange, the unique in the commonplace and ultimately enlarges the world.


The Edge Theater, 1133 W Catalpa Ave, Chicago, IL 60640


Previews April 14th, 15th, and 16th, 2022

Show Runs Thursday, April 21st - Sunday, May 8th Thursday - Saturday nights at 8:00 pm, Sunday Matinees at 2:00 pm, Industry Night Performances - Monday, April 25th and Monday, May 2nd at 8:00 pm


Ticketing questions email:

Tickets are Pay What You Can! ($15 suggested)

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