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  • Delven Shaw

THE MIRROR WILL TAKE US HOME hits many right notes

Many LGBTQ people will identify with the search of Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon to find his place in the world and in the church in his documentary THE MIRROR WILL TAKE US HOME. Harmon's voice is beautiful, and the nearly continuous soundtrack of his songs will give music lovers great pleasure.

The first 15 minutes introduce us to his charming, home-schooled family. But when, as a teen, Harmon discovers the internet, the film - and life – get much more interesting. Watching him with his family, church, girlfriends and ultimately boyfriend, is captivating. Until a fateful day a YouTube video of his is seen by a scout at American idol.

With his father saying, ‘don’t parade (your sexuality) on national television”, the drama increases. Will he win the competition, will he reconcile with the family? It is all nearly terrific theater. And how many of us have heard the words ‘well maybe you just need to pack your stuff and hit the road’? It is all nearly terrific theater.

Unfortunately, we see the American Idol producers totally overplay the conflict in his family. And the trumped up deception - ‘here is a gay performer singing for his parents who reject him - just shows another example of Hollywood biz baloney, all the tension goes out of the film.

Everything is fine, Jeremiah is still singing and struggling, still in love.

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