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  • Angela Allyn

SEVEN YARDS in one small step at a time

SEVEN YARDS is a hard-hitting documentary about Chris Norton, a college football player who is paralyzed in a game and given only a 7% chance to move again. This excellent doc follows his journey from the hospital, back to college, and his return to real life, and if you believe in faith, health care, and Friday Night Lights, this film is for you.

What struck me most about his journey is the amazing group that keeps him going. Not only his family, but his teammates and roommates. Never complaining, always including him – despite the constant need for care. The fact the guys each take turns sleeping in his bed in case there is a nighttime medical need is so touching.

This journey is not easy, and no doubt having the best care is essential, and it looks like some corporate sponsorship along the way.

I think it could inspire people. I hope it will not depress people who can’t ever walk again and will never have the Hollywood ending. But this ending at this time is pretty great, as we watch Chris drive his custom truck off to Target. Well played.

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