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  • Delven Shaw

LOVE ME LIKE YOU HATE ME is poetic and true

Shia LaBeouf is a master of attention grabbing, which is a great thing for the team working on the music video to Ransford’s LOVE ME LIKE YOU HATE ME. The song is great first of all, but the film team has sliced our Vimeo screen in half vertically, showing both a daytime and nighttime perspective of a couple in their apartment.

If that sounds too simple, add in the beautifully choreographed movement by JA Collective - often repeated with variations through day and night as the couple communicates. There is some implied violence, full nudity, and intense sensuality. But it is fully integrated into an exciting short film (10 minutes) that will stand the test of time and repeated viewings.

Margaret Qualley is LaBeouf’s partner in every way in this project. They make for a powerful and moving couple traversing thru the many layers of love. The film is on

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