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I watched many of the shorts featured virtually in OUTFEST, and while the range of films continues to get more interesting with each season, the only one which gave me ‘goosies’ as they say on World Of Dance is KIKO'S SAINTS, a beautiful, sexy and totally unexpected film.

Kiko is an illustrator who has escaped her domineering boss to create a series of sketches by the beach. There are some great animated flashbacks to traditional Japanese gender models. But when she sees a naked man sprinting joyfully toward the water, her life is rocked.

The film is frank in its treatment of the nudity and the sexuality, which gives a radiant joy as beautiful as the countryside it is set in. When Kiko finally emerges from the dunes in a spectacular blood red gown which looks inspired by classical Japanese attire as treated by Project Runway, we know she is forever changed.

For a film with no dialogue, KIKO’S SAINTS has a lot to say. The cast - Lika Minamoto, François Burgun, Arthur Gillet - is excellent and unabashed. Manuel Marmier is credited as writer and director.

Of the other shorts, I appreciated S.A.M and KIND OF for expanding the subject matter which queer filmmakers are encouraged to explore.

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