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  • Angela Allyn

I AM SYD STONE is tight and moving

I AM SYD STONE is a nicely plotted Canadian series that seems more like a regular movie chopped up into smaller segments. The handsome Travis Nelson, an action hero whose artistic career is a bit on the skids, ends up in an icy small town making an after school special. We have seen this character before – not agreeable to his agent, petulant to those who love him, abusive to those on the film crew.

But a late-night trip to the swimming pool with Matt, (Benjamin Charles Watson) a lawyer in town for a trial, sends Syd, into a tailspin. In subsequent short scenes, we see him relax from his bad boy persona, as he lets Matt great to know him. And after a naked night and day together, it is great to see Syd finally smile as he leaves Matt alone in the hotel and heads off to his shoot.

To reveal any other plot points would spoil the fun. But the cast of supporting players is excellent, and the story line is extremely gratifying.

Writer/director Denis Theriault made a short film with the same theme in 2014 before expanding it for this series. I don’t know if a season 2 is planned, but if it is, I will be watching. I found SYD STONE on Dekkoo.

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