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  • Angela Allyn

EVERYTHING AT ONCE is sexy with the sound off.

Director Alberto Fuguet had an interesting conceit: follow two well-known photographers who have worked together for decades for the magazine Kink. We follow along on a series of photo shoots – both indoors and outside, with men – sometimes partnered, sometimes alone.

The images are striking, beautiful, erotic. And watching two men with cameras working with a model – often simultaneously – is fascinating. And photographers Paco Moyano and Manolo Rodríguez are both immensely talented, and together make a great product.

The problem for me came with the script as Paco and Manolo – like so many long-term couples – continually bicker and talk over each other. And the dialogue is not related to the specific shoots we are watching and gets repetitive


I found that I missed extraordinarily little if I turned the sound down and kept an eye on the captions and the photography.

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