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  • Angela Allyn

ERNESTO Loves The Ones He’s With!

I had a fascinating time with Ernesto, perhaps the next great pan-sexual hero of modern films. An absolutely charming Federico Russo plays a young actor who enjoys the company of a great many people in Rome - including those in his acting class, his mother, and others.

Ernesto is as willing to share himself as he is to learn philosophy and experience others. In five chapters, directors Alice de Luca and Giacomo Raffelli present Ernesto’s entanglements without judgement, and generally without pain or angst. Like a modern day Candide, he shares and shares

Only later in his life, once his mother has passed, does Enersto confront some darker dragons. But even here, his collective of lovers past and present buoys his spirits.

I was not sure if my screener was defective, but large patches of the movie were silent or which sound only tangentially related to the action. But I came to appreciate that, as much of the footage show was shot in 4:3 aspect and really needed no words to make clear the emotional journey of our hero.

ERNESTO can be found on TLA Releasing.


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