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  • Angela Allyn

DATING AMBER Is the best queer film of 2020!

DATING AMBER snuck up on us - well hidden by the hoopla for UNCLE FRANK and HAPPIEST HOLIDAY. It even cost extra to rent through our Amazon Prime program. But it was worth every penny, and is surely the best queer film of 2020!

Fionn O'Shea is Eddie, a hopelessly skinny kid whose army captain dad wishes he would join the Army, and who gets bullied every day at school. Amber (Lola Petticrew) is the tough girl from the trailer park who has great aim with rocks, and who creates a plan to get them through their final year of school unscathed.

Everything about the film – written and directed by David Freyne - is fresh and brilliant. Eddie’s little brother can’t keep a secret which is a hilarious and heartwarming bit. Amber’s mom has no idea that she is pimping out their trailer for other classmates to have sex it.

The two stars are pitch perfect in their fumbling romance/friendship. And your heart will soar with all the twists and turns of the plot.

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