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  • Angela Allyn

COPA 181 is an unexpected gem

Set in a male bathhouse, COPA 181 is a sweet gem from 2017 now on Amazon and Here TV.

Tana (Carlos Takeshi) runs a one-man store in Rio, opening up the steel garage doors without fail, before he heads to the place that is his real home - COPA 181. His wife Eros (Simone Mazzzer) has hopes to become an opera singer, but her talent is less than stellar. But when that doesn’t work out, she decides to sing wherever and whenever she gets a chance.

As scripted and directed by Dannon Lacerda, COPA is a place full of camaraderie and joy and hustlers who are part of the team. Leo ( Caetano O'Maihlan ) is the hot top who charges 200 reals, while Davi (Gabriel Canella) is the resident muscle bottom. When the guys are not working, the clients enjoy entertainment, and Tana has a wonderful and welcoming birthday party. There is even Bingo where the winner gets a free night with one of the pros!

Is it throwback to an earlier more carefree time? Or just a bubble in which these men have bonded in every way, even bringing new clients who wander in directly into their fun friendships.

To say more is impossible without spoiling things. But the cast is full of unclad men and big hearted women who look like they are having the time of their lives. I think you will too.

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