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  • Angela Allyn

BOY MEETS BOY is a fest favorite.

BOY MEETS BOY is a concise fest favorite which is remarkably satisfying. It seems to be shot with one camera, with extreme closeup of its two stars. The screenplay by director Daniel Sanchez Lopez seems improvised at times, giving the film a freshness and honesty that other films about adrift youth fail to capture.

Harry (Matthew James Morrison) is on the last night of his holiday when he meets Johannes (Alexandros Koutsoulis) with whom he has an immediate connection and kinship. As the two wile away the hours till Harry must head for the airport, they learn what each could gain from this relationship, and what each is missing from their current situation.

The potential of what is never to be achieved hangs over the film like a chilly fog on a hot day. As the boys’ dance, drink and dream, the impending flight takes on more and more importance. It stands, like the similarly themed Summer of 85, a notation of a moment of joy which will never be captured again.

The style and beautiful look of the film are very much a part of its charm. Hopefully, all these artists will be seen again in future work.

BOY MEETS BOY can be seem on-line August 8 to 15 at

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