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  • Angela Allyn

BENJAMIN is a beguiling charmer

Simon Amstell is the writer and director of the beguiling BENJAMIN, a 2018 release now receiving a lot of exposure through Amazon. Colin Morgan plays Benjamin, a young filmmaker who is insecure in both ways of the heart and his skill as an artist. This irritating character could have sunk the film, but instead Morgan makes all of his personal and professional doubts painful and humorous.

Jack Rowan is the star of the film within the film, with whom Benjamin has an unsatisfying affair. But it is Noah, played by Phénix Brossard who shakes the artist out of his bad habits leading him to happier days. Joey Fry has a great supporting role as an unfunny standup who is indeed disastrously unfunny,

The script is sweet and smart, presenting a company of artists we expect to see a lot of.

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