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  • Angela Allyn

AFTER THAT PARTY is a sweet slice

AFTER THAT PARTY is a delightful short that is now being featured on Dekkoo it’s definitely worth your 15 minutes. The plot is not surprising as a father and son each look to learn who the other really is. But with one crucial twist.

What makes the film so delightful are performances of Luscas Drummond as the son, Charles Hicks as the DILF, and Mel Carvalho as the befuddled woman who may or may not be the son's girlfriend. The film has sharp dialogue, good music, nice production design. All in all a - sweet!

Mel Carvalho and Lucas Drummond are credited with the screenplay, with Caio Scot directing.

All involved with the project deserve high marks.

Short films change your mood, take your mind off a serious problem, or just bring a smile and I salute all short form filmmakers everywhere. Spoiler alerts for trailer.

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