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  • Angela Allyn

WORK IN PROGRESS showcases Chicago Queer Scene!

If you know who 'Pat' from SNL Live is, this is a show for you. If you don't know Pat, then buckle up for an enjoyable journey through gender explorations of then and now!

We are a year late getting to WORK IN PROGRESS, Abby McEnany and Tim Mason have brought a brilliant slice of queer life to the forefront of Showtime On Demand. McEnany has been a standout in the Chicago comedy scene for 20 years, and all that training shows in episodes that – perfectly matched by Mason’s directing – are funny, crisp, and educational.

This is a great show for people wondering about pronouns, what non-binary means, and worry about the future of gender discussions in years to come. In WORK IN PROGRESS, the future is here.

McEnany stars as Abby, a woman ill at ease in both her own body and the world around her. When her sister sets her up on a date with Chris, an attractive server, we hope that Abby can indeed find love with this handsome transman. But if she cannot find love, perhaps there is comfort and contact.

Fans of Chicago theater will no doubt recognize some ensemble players including Delia Kropp and Parker Guidry, among others. Another part of the fun is identifying the many Chicago locations…street corners, restaurants, the great late Uptown Underground, and many more.

It's easy to catch WORK IN PROGRESS on demand, but hurry – Season 2 is already on the air.

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