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  • Angela Allyn

THE STRONG ONES is a good date night choice.

We have seen this one before. Handsome man in a small town who is struggling with his sexuality meets someone who is passing through on the way to a new and better life. In the case of THE STRONG ONES , the performances by Samuel González and Antonio Altamirano are honest and touching, make a familiar story fresh.

González is the lucky one who – despite, or because - of disagreements with his family has already left his hometown and is now back for a visit before he heads to Canada.

Altamirano is the homebound troubled one, dealing with his sexuality in a town which will never accept it. His sexy house is tucked in the hills and woods!

The threat of violence as the pair explores their connection never goes away completely. But the scenes of their hiking, going to the carnival, and the historical re-enactments, are charming and well played.

Omar Zúñiga Hidalgo directs his own screenplay. The setting is beautiful, and the sexual energy is well captured. What is most interesting is that the screenplay stays completely away from any conversations about the men’s status. There is no talk of love or leaving. There are no fights about staying connected. The men do all the work without words.

THE STRONG ONES is a great date night movie. I found it streaming on Dekkoo.

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