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  • Angela Allyn

THE PRINCE is one of the year's best

At times beautiful and sexy and harrowing, THE PRINCE reminded me of THE GODFATHER and KISS OF THE SPIDER WOMAN or DEAD MAN WALKING. It has honest sexuality and fascinating characters, and should be remembered as one of the boldest and best films of the year.

Alfredo Castro and Juan Carlos Maldonado are perfectly balanced as El Potro, an older man who initiates Jamie into prison life with a brutal rape which leads him to so much more. As the years pass, their connections deepen, and roles reverse in a scene of gut wrenching beauty.

El Potro leads a quartet of four men who share a bunk bed, and their lives of domestic tranquility amidst the violence and chaos of prison life and quite lovely.

Like a grand opera filmed is set on a beautiful re-creation of a prison – all grays and soggy woods and chill. It really is great to look at. And the company of men who populate the film are terrific.

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