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  • Angela Allyn

THE BREEDING follows a dangerous path

Here TV is never afraid to use sexually explicit material to get you to take a peek! There are lots of titles in their Steamy category. If you like films that push a button or two, THE BREEDING will not disappoint, as it is sexy and frustrating, and in the end worth the time.

Told in episodic short films, THE BREEDING starts a bit slow, but has some good music video type segments. My favorite was a great bit with a gay man confessing some heavy duty sins to his priest. But we get to the heart of the matter when we meet an artist who - despite having an incredible boyfriend - spends his time drawing erotic nudes while dreaming of exploring bondage and race play.

The other episodes - a white guy placing an ad for a BBC party, etc. - fade in comparison to what the artist experiences. It is not for the faint of heart. Marcus Bellany stars, in this work directed by Daniel Armando written by Dane Harringon Joseph.

With all of the discussion of race in America - from THE UNDERGROUND RAILROAD on Amazon to the Tony-nominated SLAVE PLAY on Broadway - and THE BREEDING does not have the depth to compete with those works. But it is a valid addition to the conversion.

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