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  • Delven Shaw

TEMBLORES (Tremors) is old-school and out of step

For some reason, TEMBLORES (Tremors) written and directed by Jayro Bustamente, is featured prominently on Dekkoo, the LGBT streaming service this month. Handsome, and lavishly produced, TREMBLORES is an old-fashioned drama about a wealthy family shamed by the outing of one of their sons. A married religious man, he endures no shortage of yelling and screaming before both God and man.

Juan Pablo Oyslager plays Pablo who finds solace in a filthy apartment shared by many, including his perhaps part-time boyfriend Francisco (Mauricio Armas Zebadúa). Pablo agrees to treatment, which includes extended scenes of naked men in cold showers, and wrestling in their boxers… none of which look very scientific.

I was hoping for some ray of hope, or enlightenment, coming perhaps from his youngest child. But alas, only rainy days and tremors in Guatemala City tonight.

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