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  • Angela Allyn

SOMEONE HAS TO DIE: Hate the title, love the show

Your heart is immediately drawn to a young man (Alejandro Speitzer) who had been sent away from his home and country at age 10 and is now back in Franco’s Spain in the mid-20th century. His arrival in a family dominated by a overbearing father and scheming grandmother is made all the more complex by his companion – the excellent and beautiful ‘ballerino’ (Isaac Hernandez).

The themes of son vs. father, husband (Ernesto Alterio) vs. wife (Cecilia Suarez) and freedom vs patriotism may be familiar. But the territory is given a lush production, with a serviceable script, and an excellent cast.

You might find yourself thinking of THE DANCE OF THE 41 which explores similar historical themes. But the action is swift, the dancer is incredibly beautiful and talented, and the aching and loving evoked by the time you get to the third and final installation are wonderfully realized.

I was most touched by the performance Carlos Cuevas – as a young man who experimented early in life, but then suppressed his true emotions. The scene in the car with the two former friends is explosive.

The musical score and soundtrack are sensational. Despite the title, I had a great time, and was reminded of a time in Spain’s not so distant past when being different was regarded as the greatest of crimes.

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