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  • Angela Allyn

Look Closer is Magical

World Champion (yes that is a thing) Magician Joshua Jay has a new show up at the Rhapsody Theater in Rogers Park: Look Closer.You may remember the place as the Mayne, the former vaudeville house all cleaned up, but it's a great venue for magic acts and Jay’s show is truly a masterwork. It's not just his skillful card tricks and close-up magic (they use video projection so folks in the back can take in the subtleties), his storytelling and compelling patter make this a show with a satisfying narrative. Jay is a worthy addition to Chicago's legendary magic "scene" even as the Rhapsody is bringing back regular magic acts to the north side.

Young and old alike will appreciate the stories and tricks that circle back and interrelate. Jay involved almost every member of the late night audience in attendance when I witnessed the show. The smoothness of Jay’s delivery and his personableness will distract you just enough that the magic can happen.

This hour long show is a pleasure and a delight. If you are a fan of magic, don’t miss this master of the craft. Even if you don’t like “magic” you will enjoy this show–it’s that good. Look Closer , at the Rhapsody Theater, 1328 Morse Street in Chicago is a short run– only until April 30, 2023, so don’t delay in getting tickets at

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