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  • Angela Allyn

BLOOD AND WATER and VERONA are excellent shorts

I am a big fan of short films, and they are easy to find on YouTube and elsewhere. BLOOD AND WATER by Brandon Blum and VERONA by Laurie Lynd are two of my recent favorites.

BLOOD AND WATER is an excellent study in fear, as an Olympic quality diver (Steele Johson, a real Olympian) tries to overcome his fear after smashing his head on the diving platform. Many might remember champ Greg Louganis doing the very same thing during the Olympics of 1988 and recovering to win the gold medal.

Kaili Vernoff adds texture as Garrett’s dominating mother and coach. BLOOD AND WATER in on YouTube.

VERONA by Laurie Lynd is a condensed version of Romeo and Juliet when set in two completing frat houses. Some of Shakespeare’s dialogue remains, but mostly this version has a great young cast, and an innovative drag queen.

John Breger and especially Shannon Kook are excellent as the unlucky lovers. The film is stylish and well paced, and looks like it could be a great template for a full length version.

Lynd has gone on to direct successfully for shows like Schitt's Creek, and also the wonderful documentary KILLING PATIENT ZERO. VERONA is on NetFlix.

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