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  • Angela Allyn

2 HEARTS shifts from Rom-Com to powerful.

2 HEARTS starts as a Rom-Com featuring two beautiful couples who seem to be separated by time. The men (Jacob Elordi and Adan Canto) are hunky and often shirtless. The women (Tiera Skovbye and Kari Matchett) are blonde and beguiling, one a successful airlines stewardess in the era of TWA; the other still in college. And what knits them together is, of course love.

Elrodi narrates the story which spools without complications between the couples. Both meet cute and have zippy and comical courtships. One couple quickly starts a family, while the other is childless. Both men have medical issues which are worrisome and dramatic.

However, Elordi’s narrator stops halfway through to reveal this his version of his own story is a fantasy, and we learn the truth for both couples before the stores intertwine.

This tearjerker becomes a powerful testimony to love, family, and the need to fight on at all costs.

The four leads are terrific, but the writing – perhaps because two stories are being developed – is a bit sketchy. And the production design confuses, as what initial seemed like two time periods merge into one. I was also disappointed that one set of parents came to dominate the last section of the film.

2 HEARTS is a cool film for a hot summer night. Classy, sweet, and intense.

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